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Doctor holding up a sign that reads “Prevention is better than cure.”

It can be easy to skip doctor’s appointments because you don’t feel sick, or don’t feel like spending your time and gas money to go to the appointment. However, the real cost is not going to your routine primary care appointments. It was reported that in 2017 the average emergency room visit costs $1,389. You can avoid emergent care by going to your primary care appointments and staying informed about your overall health.

When you’re a Link Primary Care patient you have immediate access to your doctor via text, call, or email, so you don’t have to spend your time or your gas money on going to doctor’s appointments. Keep reading to see how easy preventative care is when you’re a Link Primary Care patient. 

Preventative care matters 

Part of getting great health care is being cared for before you’re sick. Preventative care exists to do routine exams so that doctors can provide you with advice on how to care for your body and prevent getting sick. Additionally, during these appointments, doctors can identify early warning signs and early stages of disease that may have occurred between appointemnts. 

When patients forego preventative care appointments such as yearly physical exams it puts them at a higher risk of getting really sick because they don’t know they are at risk of getting sick until it’s too late. Ignoring preventative healthcare will result in extra costs later when you get sick and visit the emergency room to be seen, or need to be seen by specialized doctors to care for your disease or illness. These things can be prevented by seeing your doctor regularly for physical exams and labs. 

Save now or pay later

Traditional healthcare can be expensive, and between copays and unexpected fees when you leave the doctor’s office it’s no surprise that so many American skip the doctor’s office altogether. What people don’t realize is that they will end up paying for all the missed appointments when they are scheduling a complex surgery that comes with a large price ticket and days or weeks of missed work. The big price tag comes later if you choose to ignore preventative care now. 

In a report published in the National Library of Medicine, they found that patients were given quality care that helped them make lifestyle changes that improved their overall health and were more likely to implement the changes recommended to them because they came from a doctor. Additionally, it “minimize(d) the progression of individuals from lower risk status (whether measured as no/few health risks or as no disease) to higher risk status (more health risks and/or newly diagnosed disease as they age.” 

It’s important to remember that ignoring your health in the short term will result in paying in time, stress, and money to take care of yourself later. Invest in your health now, and you will have a longer, healthier lifestyle that you can enjoy!

The good news is that at Link Primary Care your membership fee covers all of your doctor’s appointments, and you never have unexpected fees. It’s easy to get started, affordable and provides you and your family with quality healthcare when you need it most.

Preventative care, the easy way

At Link Primary Care, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best care possible, when they need it. Patients at Link Primary Care have no reason to want to cancel their appointments or avoid talking to their doctor because our doctors are available when you are, take the time to get to know you and hear your concerns, and care is affordable! 

Here’s what you can expect at Link Primary Care:

  1. Immediate appointments
  2. Concierge physician
  3. Complete care for all ages
  4. Call, text, or email your doctor 
  5. No enrollment fees
  6. Wholesale prescriptions, labs, and tests 

Say goodbye to long waiting room ists, rushed doctor’s visits, and a string of on-hold transformers when you try to call.  To us, you aren’t an appointment you’re a person. We exist to give you care where you are and when you need it. 

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