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Preventative care is affordable and easy with Direct Primary Care

Doctor holding up a sign that reads “Prevention is better than cure.”

It can be easy to skip doctor’s appointments because you don’t feel sick, or don’t feel like spending your time and gas money to go to the appointment. However, the real cost is not going to your routine primary care appointments. It was reported that in 2017 the average emergency room visit costs $1,389. You […]

Choose the best primary care physicians

Smartphone showing apps on the screen reading “Connect wit ha, telehealth provider.”

Choose the primary care physicians that are always available Telehealth is fairly new in health care and has undoubtedly become more popular since 2020. However, some people remain skeptical of the benefits of virtual doctor’s appointments. Let’s discuss why having a direct primary care physician online will make your life easier, without sacrificing your health. […]

Chronic illness doctors can help you live a pain-free life

Lady sitting on a couch while holding her back and in evident pain.

Chronic illness doctors can help you live a pain-free life Chronic illnesses can change the way that you live your life when you’re experiencing constant pain or discomfort. Your illness can make it difficult to do simple tasks like chores around the house or focus at work. At Link Primary Care we want to help […]

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