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Affordable healthcare for your employees.

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People are your most important asset.

For years, we’ve been active in the St. Louis community providing high-quality and affordable healthcare options.

More than ever, health care benefits are key to recruiting and attracting a quality workforce. People look to employers to provide health care benefits they can count on.

With Link, employees get benefits they love to use. With guaranteed appointment times and both in-person and virtual care, your workforce is happier and healthier.  

We keep your employees out of the ER and Urgent Care waiting room and on the job.

Our affordable model gives your employees:

3 people in a meeting

We Keep Healthcare Simple

We know that traditional insurance is costly, impersonal, and complicated

Our model that puts the business owner first. 

Our company offer great benefits for companies:

  • Trusted doctors for your employees
  • Fast and easy access to medical care
  • Exceptional professionalism and integrity
  • Personal attention, transparency, and accountability
  • Embedded medical cost sharing for larger medical costs
  • No minimum enrollment requirements
  • Available in-person and mail-order wholesale pharmacy
  • Employee health education and vaccination programs
  • Affordable, predictable pricing

Businesses save money, employees get great medical care.

That's an all-around win.

What you need to know.

Link Primary Care gives better healthcare at lower cost.

  • Patient satisfaction with Direct Primary Care is extremely high, with patient satisfaction scores of 97%.
  • Employees have fewer sick days and absenteeism.
  • Appointments are available on the same day, evenings, and weekends.
  • Employees can access their doctor easily with text, email, and video visits – there is no complicated phone system to get an appointment.
  • Wellness and mental health needs are addressed by our physicians.
  • Nonprofit medical cost sharing for managing large and unexpected medical expenses.

We take care of your employees and their families.

  • Annual comprehensive physicals and preventive medicine.
  • Chronic disease management for diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Mental health services for common conditions like anxiety and depression.
  • Urgent care services like first aid, stitches, upper respiratory infections, and antibiotics.
  • Laboratory and imaging tests at our low negotiated rates with local partners.
  • Prescription drugs at wholesale cost.
  • Nonprofit medical cost sharing for managing large and unexpected medical expenses.

Our doctors have only 600 patients, and the typical doctor has 2000-4000! We use that extra time for longer visits and to guarantee amazing access.

Our wholesale medications save an average of 80% compared to retail pricing.

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