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Choose the primary care physicians that are always available

Telehealth is fairly new in health care and has undoubtedly become more popular since 2020. However, some people remain skeptical of the benefits of virtual doctor’s appointments. Let’s discuss why having a direct primary care physician online will make your life easier, without sacrificing your health.

Have you ever needed to find a new doctor, because you moved, your doctor moved, or maybe you just didn’t like your doctor, but couldn’t find a new physician? It can be difficult to find a local doctor’s office because they may not be accepting new patients, their available hours don’t fit your schedule, or maybe you just can’t find a doctor that fits your personality. We’ve all been there at least once. This is one of the benefits of choosing Direct Primary Care as your primary care physician – we are always near you no matter where you are.

Why physicians in your city may not be the best choice

When we think about healthcare, we immediately think of finding a primary care physician that is near us. Just like most services, we expect to find someone that we can travel to within a 10-15 minute drive, and can meet in person. This doesn’t have to be true. We use technology to access endless resources every day, and we should be doing technology for our healthcare! 

Here are a few reasons why choosing a primary care physician in your community isn’t the best option: 

  1. Have to wait weeks or months to get an appointment
  2. You have to wait in the waiting room once you make it to your appointment
  3. Lose more of your day by driving to your appointment
  4. Limited doctor’s office visits each year within your healthcare plan
  5. Expensive copays or additional costs for services provided 

The list could go on, but we’ll stop there. 

Let’s move past the outdating idea that we have to visit our doctor in person for our primary care appointments, and start using technology to our advantage. Save time, and stress, and meet with some of the best doctors when you become a patient of Link Direct Primary Care in St. Louis.

Choose the doctor that’s always near you

Telehealth isn’t as mysterious as it may sound – it’s actually quite simple. Telehealth is just like your normal doctor’s appointment except you don’t have to see the doctor in person, it is all done through virtual appointments. At Link Primary Care we are committed to providing you with healthcare that fits your life, making sure you know we care about you and providing access when you need it at a price that you can afford. 

Here’s why you should choose Link Primary Care as your direct primary care physician:

  1. We take time to get to know our patients, creating trust in the relationship
  2. We offer immediate appointments so you have healthcare when you need it
  3. We provide care for all ages
  4. No enrollment fees
  5. You can contact your primary physician how you prefer to communicate (call, text, or email) 
  6. And we provide wholesale prescriptions, labs, and tests

If you’re tired of trying to find a doctor near you, having different doctors for everyone in your family, and tired of spending an arm and a leg for routine care, then it’s time to switch to Link Primary Care. Learn more about us on our website today and schedule your free 15-minute consultation. 

What to expect as a patient of Link Primary Care

Link Primary Care is a concierge medical practice at a much lower price. We offer unlimited doctor visits, primary wellness, and urgent care, and have an on-site pharmacy. We offer monthly primary care pricing that doesn’t break the bank! Your membership includes unlimited doctor visits, primary, wellness, urgent care, and an on-site discount pharmacy. 

We can offer same-day, next-day, and weekend appointments because our doctors only have 600 patients compared to the normal caseload which is at a minimum, of 2,000 patients! We offer immediate appointments because we can! Why should you wait if we are available now? 

Even better than scheduling immediate appointments are getting to spend an hour with your doctor. We take the time to get to know you, building your trust so that we can provide you with the best care possible. With unlimited doctor visits, you don’t have to worry about copays or deductibles or rely on internet searching to figure out what’s wrong. 

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If you’re ready to talk to your doctor, instead of looking for one, then it’s time to book your consultation with Link Direct Primary Care. 

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