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Medical Ear Piercing

What is medical ear piercing?

The Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System is available exclusively to medical professionals.

Many families want to be pierced in the privacy of an exam room by a competent professional.

Our medical technology applied to the ear piercing process, along with the dignity and privacy of a physician’s exam room is what defines “medical ear piercing”

adult ear piercing
Little Girl Having Ear Piercing

The Safest Approach to Ear Piercing

Mall stores, kiosks, body piercing and tattoo shops are not the cleanest or safest place for this procedure.

Getting your child’s ears pierced can be an emotional experience, and it’s important for your family to feel connected and supported at every stage of their development.

We hope that getting your child’s ears pierced is an easy and stress-free experience.


Eliminates transmission of
blood-borne viruses

Traditional ear piercing guns present a genuine health hazard. They can easily transmit blood-borne viruses. The danger is so real that most European countries have banned these instruments. Unfortunately, they are still legal and widely available in the USA. Our system uses single-use, disposable cassettes that eliminate the chance of transmission.

ear with piercings
doctor holding a happy baby


Nickel allergy and skin

3-4% of the population is born with nickel sensitivity, and 20-25% of people with pierced ears develop some level of nickel allergy/sensitivity. Ear piercing and earrings can cause this condition. The Blomdahl system eliminates this risk by using medical grade ear piercing studs. We also have a complete line of hypoallergenic earrings. This is an enormous safety benefit to you and your children..

Before Your Appointment

Getting your ears pierced is a easy and simple process, before your appointment:

1. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.

2. Wear a clean shirt or blouse. No make-up, perfume or lotions on the skin around your ears or on the lobes.

3. If you have long hair, pull it back away from the ears with a clip or tie it back in a ponytail. This will help keep any hairs out of the way while the piercer is working on your earlobes.

4. If you’re using earrings that have been worn before, clean them thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and let them air dry completely before putting them into your new piercing holes (this will prevent infection).

5. Wearing fresh jewelry instead of old ones will help prevent infection from occurring in the new piercings because they will have no bacteria on them from previous use (which could cause an infection).

ear piercing kid (2)
ear piercing


After Your Appointment

1. Wash your newly pierced ears twice a day.  Do no remove the earrings when cleansing.

When showering or washing your hair, use liquid soap and rinse with clean running water.  Dry with a Kleenex or Q-tip.

Supplementary cleansing is done with Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare cleansing swabs, which are gentle on the skin.  Allow to air dry.

2. Cover your ears when applying make up, hair spray, perfume, etc.

3. Avoid bathing in swimming pools, lakes, or sea for as long as possible after the piercing, and avoid keeping your head under water.  When you come out of the water, cleanse with liquid soap or cleaning swabs.

4. After 6 weeks (cartilage after 12 weeks) remove the ear piercing and change to new earrings.  

This is how to remove your ear piercing earrings:

Wash your hands and ears thoroughly.  With one hand, take hold of the front of the earring.  With the other hand, wriggle the back off.  Carefully remove the piercing earring and put in new, clean earrings.

5. It takes up to a year before the holes are completely healed. 

Always wear earrings to keep the holes open.

Make sure that the area around the holes is clean, dry, and airy.  Do not press earring backs tightly against the back of the ear.

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