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Direct Primary Care: The Affordable and Complete Medical Care

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Direct Primary Care: Affordable and Complete Medical Care

Direct primary care provides patients with complete and convenient medical care in exchange for a monthly flat fee. In most cases, people don’t need an advanced medical specialist to treat pneumonia or put in stitches. Nor do they want a specialist since that means scheduling yet another appointment with a complete stranger. Direct primary care is flipping the script by providing complete medical care through one, trusted doctor.

One secret to direct primary care is that these practices limit the number of patients they serve. Under this model, patients spend more time with their doctors and build a personal relationship. direct primary care also focuses heavily on preventative care, helping their patients quickly treat symptoms and avoid illness altogether.

If you’re sick of waiting room time, rushed appointments, and playing “telephone” as you try to reach your doctor, direct primary care is the perfect fit.

Link Primary Care serves the St. Louis community by offering complete medical care for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our patients have immediate access to their personal doctor, and we have saved our patients thousands of dollars compared to traditional healthcare.

Let’s break down the direct primary care demographics, common questions, and pricing.

Who is Direct Primary Care For?

In short, direct primary care is for everyone! Whether you’re single or a family with multiple children, you can benefit from the convenience, affordability, and complete medical care.

Regardless of age and healthcare history, direct primary care from Link Primary is an ideal fit for many adults. Our physicians limit the number of patients in their healthcare practices, meaning that each patient is given lots of time and attention. Link Primary Care offers adults unlimited doctor visits, immediate physician access, complete medical care, and an on-site pharmacy. 

A parent’s top priority is the health and wellbeing of their children. With a direct primary care model, you have 24/7 access to your doctor. No more waiting in long lines with your children! Whether your child is still in diapers or attending college, pediatric care is our specialty. 

If you have a child off at college, he or she can also take advantage of direct primary care. Their healthcare practitioner is merely a call or text away and they won’t have to mess with low-quality college clinics. Your college student will receive immediate appointments, complete age-appropriate care, urgent care, mental health services, and many more complete care benefits.

Also, direct primary care is a popular option among employers. This model is cheaper and results in healthier, happier workers—and in turn, a more productive workspace! Your employees receive all the healthcare benefits of direct primary care—from wholesale labs to a concierge physician. Click here to read more about employee care.

Frequently Asked Questions about direct primary care

Most people wonder about the services that direct primary care provides. At Link Primary Care, we attend to 90% of our patients’ medical needs. 

We provide comprehensive physicals, sick visits, urgent care, chronic disease management, wholesale prescriptions, mental health services, and many other services. You can access one of our doctors via text, email, and video or by visiting us in person—including in the evenings and on weekends.

Curious about how much you’ll save on medications? Link Primary Care patients save an average of 80% compared to normal market pricing. 

Finances are another frequent question about direct primary care. Insurance membership isn’t required to sign up for Link Primary Care, but we recommend our patients still take advantage of insurance in the case of major injury or illness. Some patients use employer-sponsored health benefits accounts to pay for medical services, another possible option for taking advantage of complete medical care.

Our doctors only see 600 patients, compared to traditional doctors who see 2000-4000 people. That’s why we’re able to provide long appointments and same-day appointments, in addition to care on evenings and weekends. 

Click here for our complete list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Direct Primary Care Pricing

Pricing for direct primary care depends on the medical practice. However, this healthcare model operates much like a subscription: the patient pays a monthly or yearly fixed fee in exchange for unlimited access to provided services.

At Link Primary Care, there are no enrollment fees or hidden charges. Adults ages 18 or older pay $99 per month, and child membership is $49 per month. Our patients get free comprehensive annual physicals, which include a lipid panel, metabolic panel, complete blood count, electrocardiogram, and much more. 

We also offer up to 80% discount on medications and up to 90% discount on lab tests. With an annual membership, patients get their entire first month free. Also, any patient who refers another patient gets an additional month free.

For complete information about Link Primary, visit our pricing page.

Direct Primary Care in St. Louis

At Link Primary Care, we believe that direct primary care is healthcare the way it should be. We love connecting with every patient who steps through our doors. Our qualified team of physicians offers immediate appointments, complete medical care, no enrollment fees, wholesale materials, and mobile access.
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