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Direct Primary Care is Making St. Louis Primary Care More Accessible than Ever

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Direct Primary Care is Making St. Louis Primary Care More Accessible than Ever

Have you ever experienced health symptoms, but decided not to seek services because you knew it would be difficult to schedule an appointment with a doctor? Or, maybe you thought it would be too expensive? You’re not alone. Too many Americans refuse to go to the doctor’s office when they feel sick because they don’t want to deal with our confusing and expensive healthcare system.

At Link Primary Care in St. Louis, we make quality health care accessible, so you no longer have to ignore your health symptoms. How are we doing that? By reducing monthly costs, cutting out traditional health care insurance, and giving you more time with your doctor.

Direct primary care is an affordable and convenient health care option that only requires a monthly flat fee and gives you more time with your physician. 

Let’s see how Link Primary Care is making health care accessible in St. Louis.

Primary Care is Affordable  

Traditional health care requires members to pay a hefty monthly premium in addition to copays at each doctor visit. This makes health care inaccessible to many Americans because the fees are too expensive or unexpected, which keeps them from making doctor appointments, and hurts their health.

Direct Primary Care keeps costs low and transparent because it eliminates insurance companies. Traditional health insurance plans end up being too expensive because of high monthly premiums, and unexpected bills after each doctor visit.  With direct primary care physicians, you never have to worry about unexpected fees.

When you choose Link Primary Care in St. Louis, you don’t have to pay expensive health insurance premiums or copays after each visit, and you’ll never receive unexpected bills after seeing your doctor. Primary Care is an affordable health care model in which you pay a monthly membership fee that covers your services. 

At Link Primary Care in St. Louis, our monthly membership fee is $99 for an adult 18 years and older and $49 per month for a child. Our patients get free comprehensive annual physicals, which include a lipid panel, metabolic panel, complete blood count, electrocardiogram, and much more.

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Primary Care Gives You More Time with Your Doctor 

Direct Primary Care physicians provide more health care services than traditional general practitioners, so you don’t have to see a specialist for symptoms that are beyond “everyday” concerns. This saves you time and money making it more accessible to see a doctor to address your health symptoms. When you visit a direct primary care physician, your membership fee covers examinations, in-office procedures and treatments, women’s health, and most lab tests. 

Link Primary Care in St. Louis offers you personalized health services where you get more time with your doctor because they have fewer patients. Our doctors can catch diseases in earlier stages resulting in better long-term health outcomes. 

Primary Care Makes It Easy to Find a Doctor 

Traditional health insurance companies can make it difficult to find a doctor that‘s covered by your insurance plan, which can be a hurdle for many Americans once they decide to make a doctor’s appointment. According to a study done by the Graham Center, in one month, it’s estimated that for every 1,000 people in the United States, 800 report symptoms. 

But out of those 800 people, only 217 people visit a physician’s office! Out of those 217 people that see a physician, 113 choose to visit a primary care physician. This report shows that Americans are underutilizing primary care even though it offers many health benefits.

With the rising medical costs of traditional health care, there are more direct primary care physicians available. Even though direct primary care isn’t a new type of health care service, it is has grown in popularity in the last 20 years. 

With lower costs and personalized medical care by one primary care physician, there’s no surprise why interest in direct primary care services has increased. 

Primary Care Doesn’t Rely on Insurance

Direct Primary Care offers Americans a simpler option for health care, an option that is cheaper, is less complicated to navigate, and has better long-term health outcomes. Because direct primary care physicians don’t rely on insurance to allow specific services to their patients, they are able to care for all of their patients without having to wait for approval from an outside company. Additionally, you’ll never receive a bill for hidden charges or unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. 

When you choose direct primary care you can stop worrying about wait times to book appointments or for an insurance company to allow your doctor to run labs. Direct Primary Care is a no-nonsense healthcare option that gives your practitioner the freedom to care for you without additional paperwork or fees.

Direct Primary Care in St. Louis, MO

Link Primary Care offers affordable, highly personalized health care that is accessible to everyone in St. Louis. We give every patient the time they deserve to be cared for well by our physicians.
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