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How Businesses Can Offer Direct Primary Care for Employees (and Why You Should)

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How Businesses Can Offer Direct Primary Care for Employees (and Why You Should)

Gone are the days of hours spent in the waiting room and rushed doctor visits. Direct primary care offers something better: 24/7 access to quality care for an affordable price.

A quality, productive workplace relies on healthy, committed employees. When a person experiences a health problem, the business has to sacrifice time, energy, and money as the employee takes time to recover. Forcing employees to come to work sick doesn’t work. It leads to burnout and high turnover costs, which are just as costly as offering health benefits. Instead, businesses are realizing that quality health benefits are the most sustainable way to help employees overcome illness and manage chronic disease. 

With the failures of traditional healthcare, most health problems don’t get resolved, and patients are forced to manage symptoms as their productivity declines. Direct primary care is an ideal option for employers who care for their business just as much as their employees.

Direct Primary Care vs. Traditional Care

Take a look at our infographic to understand some of the key ways that traditional healthcare differs from direct primary care. When contrasting the two, direct primary care for employees is the clear winner.

One of the biggest benefits of direct primary care is the focus on the patient-physician relationship. Traditional doctors see up to 40 patients every single day, meaning they spend less time with each patient. There’s barely enough time to discuss paperwork and basic symptoms, let alone time to answer your questions or build a relationship. If you’ve ever had to contact your doctor or get a quick appointment, you know the frustration of being placed on hold or waiting weeks to see your doctor. If employees get sick, they’ll feel reassured knowing that they can get in to see a doctor quickly.

Direct primary care physicians limit the number of patients they see, meaning that each patient is given more time and attention than in a typical doctor’s office. Instead of viewing patients as “another number” and prescribing one-size-fits-all solutions to health problems, a direct primary care doctor recognizes that you—and your health situation—are unique. 

Also, direct primary care doctors offer same-day appointments with no wait time and can be reached 24/7 via text, email, or call. No more dealing with the frustration and inconvenience when visiting your doctor! 

Direct Primary Care Pricing for Businesses and Employees

When it comes to pricing, direct primary care is the clear winner. Most doctor visits involve out-of-pocket copays or hidden charges, and dealing with third-party insurance is a hassle. 

With direct primary care, patients or employers are charged an upfront, monthly flat fee. There are no enrollment fees or hidden charges. Additionally, direct primary care offers wholesale discounts on labs, prescriptions, and tests. This healthcare system is budget-friendly for you and your employees!

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What Direct Primary Care Offers for Employees

At Link Primary Care, we cover 90% of the medical needs of your employee and their family. Here are some of the things we specifically offer for employees:

  • Same-day or next day appointments
  • Weekend and evening appointments
  • Annual comprehensive physicals
  • Chronic disease management
  • Sick visits
  • Minor office procedures 
  • Urgent care services (i.e., stitches, first aid, antibiotics)
  • Mental health services
  • 1 hour doctor visits
  • Wholesale prescription pricing
  • Discounted lab and imaging tests
  • Unlimited doctor access via text, email, and video
  • On-site visits (for additional cost)

With increased healthcare costs, direct primary care offers quality healthcare at an affordable price.

How Direct Primary Care Benefits Your Company

Traditional healthcare is failing, so it’s no wonder that employers are switching to direct primary care for employees. Direct primary care offers proven quality, and affordable healthcare—which means healthier, happier employees and a thriving workplace!

Direct primary care reduces the number of absent workers in the workplace. Additionally, healthier employees have more energy and are more productive, which leads to satisfaction. Great company leaders know that employees are more than cogs in a machine. They’re people who need to be provided for as they work hard for the company.

In addition to the recruiting and retention advantage,  direct primary care improves your image as an employer. Quality healthcare communicates to your employees that you are committed to their health, promoting a health-oriented work culture.

The financial differences between traditional healthcare and direct primary care are clear. As an employer, you might see your total company healthcare expenses drop by 20%. Also, direct primary care doctors work in harmony with existing insurance plans and can offer care to unemployed individuals.

An Example of Direct Primary Care for Employees

Want to see a practical example of how direct primary care can benefit employees? Here’s an example from our website:

Imagine you have a 58-year-old male employee with diabetes and high blood pressure. He experiences pain in the upper abdomen and lower chest. At the workplace, he’s tired, and dealing with symptoms takes up precious time and energy. 

Your employee attempts to see his doctor, but he can’t get an appointment for three weeks. Finally, after seeing the doctor, he’s given multiple tests to assess his symptoms. After being admitted to the hospital for heart disease symptoms, he’s given an angiogram and heart medication. After $24,696, he still experiences painful symptoms.

Under the direct primary care model, your patient receives a response from his doctor in minutes and gets a same-day appointment. The doctor conducts a free electrocardiogram and prescribes over the counter medicine. Your employee continues to communicate with his doctor and make adjustments until symptoms begin to improve. In total, costs amount to $17.  Better care at a lower cost.

Direct Primary Care for Businesses and Employees in St. Louis 

Link Primary Care offers low-cost, high-quality direct primary care for employees in the St. Louis area. We answer common employer questions on our employer page, and you can schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see why we’d be a great fit for your business.

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