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Make 2023 Your Year for Affordable Concierge Medicine in St. Louis

Health insurance is expensive and confusing, with unexpected fees and deductibles that get in the way of simple, everyday healthcare.

At Link Primary Care, you get a physician when you need it and where you need it. We are focused on keeping our patients happy and healthy by providing stress-free medical care at their fingertips, in the clinic, and at all hours of the day. 

If that sounds better than your traditional healthcare then keep reading, and we’ll show you how being a member at Link Primary Care will keep you happy and healthy–with the help of our concierge doctors in St. Louis.

Concierge doctors in St. Louis are available 24/7 to provide you with quality healthcare when you need it the most

One common issue with traditional healthcare is the long wait to see your doctor, difficulty in scheduling appointments in a timely manner, and limited time you have to ask your doctor questions. We know that these are frustrating issues with traditional healthcare, and that’s why we are here to serve you in St. Louis. We provide quality healthcare and unlimited appointments with your personal doctor. 

Concierge doctors are personal doctors that have a much smaller caseload than traditional medical offices, which allows them plenty of time for every patient – so they can determine the best course of action to keep patients happy and healthy. 

Here’s what you can expect from Link Primary Care’s concierge doctors in St. Louis:

  • On-time, no-wait appointments in our office
  • Complete care for all ages
  • Full telemedicine with your doctor
  • No enrollment fees, no copays, and no deductibles 
  • Wholesale prescriptions through our own pharmacy 

If you’re ready to ditch traditional healthcare for quality providers that take the time to get to know you, keep reading to learn how you can be happy and healthy as a Link Primary Care member.

Link Primary Care concierge doctors are happy and healthy, and our patients benefit

You get a better experience in healthcare, but so do our concierge doctors. We are passionate about changing healthcare, which starts with the way that we run our clinic in St. Louis.

Here’s a glimpse into the benefits that our St. Louis concierge doctors experience in the office:

  • Our doctors work in a best-practice environment where we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our practice.
  • In our office, we offer small and flexible-sized panels (panels are a group of patients assigned to one physician), which lowers their stress and allows them time to get to know each patient, allowing them to confidently diagnose and create treatment plans that help each patient meet their personal health goals.
  • Each doctor gets to customize their role at the practice.  That means they can create their own “passion projects” and secondary service lines. We want each of our concierge doctors to enjoy their work every day – after all, who wants to see a doctor that isn’t happy and healthy themselves?
  • Lastly, we pride ourselves on maintaining a relaxed, collaborative, and fun workplace that encourages each doctor to be happy and healthy.

How concierge doctors in St. Louis help patients be happy and healthy through quality healthcare

When you’re searching for a new doctor’s office, one thing you are probably considering is how soon can you schedule an appointment, how much are the copays going to be, and which doctor will you be seeing. 

Unfortunately, most of these questions lead to disappointment when you have to schedule an appointment months in advance, find out you have copays with each visit, and don’t get an opportunity to know your doctor aside from their name and which medical school they graduated from. 

We have a better option at Link Primary Care to ensure that you’re happy and healthy:

  • The best access to healthcare when you need it
  • The best comprehensive medical care available (complete family practice plus urgent care, mental health services, wholesale prescriptions, and wellness coaching)
  • Close personal relationships with your doctor so they can provide you with the best treatment for you – and you can comfortably ask for help
  • Premium services for an affordable monthly price: membership, wholesale pharmacy, discount cosmetic programs, and more 

It’s hard to pass up all of this for only $99/month and with unlimited doctor appointments, 24/7, and both in-office and full telemedicine services. 

Services at Link Primary Care to keep you happy and healthy

We offer healthcare for patients of all ages including concierge pediatrics and concierge college care. The best part about our services is that everyone is offered the same care, so you can confidently commit to our monthly membership knowing that our concierge doctors will care for all of your needs. 

Unlike traditional healthcare, we offer urgent care, mental health services, wellness coaching, annual physicians, and in-office lab draws all in our office. No need to give up hours scheduling follow-up appointments after getting a referral from your primary physician!

If you want to be happy and healthy, become a Link Primary Care member today!

At Link Primary Care our concierge doctors in St. Louis are committed to providing you with one-on-one attention, 24/7 access, and ongoing support every step of the way.If you’re ready for a new way of healthcare for the whole family, contact us today and learn how you can become a Link Primary Care member.

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