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Direct Primary Care: What is it and why do you want it?

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Direct Primary Care: What is it and Why is it a Popular Healthcare Alternative? 

A doctor who listens to you for a full hour, schedules same-day or next-day appointments, offers cheaper prescriptions, and charges no deductibles or copays – this is the future of doctor visits. The benefits of direct primary care are what everyone is talking about these days. Direct primary care (DPC) is unlike the typical “fee-for-service” arrangements where every service (immunization, office visit, blood draw, or procedure) must be paid for separately. Instead, the individual or family pays a monthly subscription for unlimited direct primary care.

What is the Availability of a Direct Primary Care Doctor?

One reason patients enjoy direct primary care is that the doctor is available to you and your family 24/7. This means no more waiting until the morning or after the weekend is over to seek treatment. You have access to them via phone call, text, email, video chat as well as in-person appointments. Your direct primary care (DPC) physician at Link Primary Care is available for same-day or next-day appointments when you want to be seen. The emphasis is placed on your preferences. Since insurance companies are not involved with direct primary care, you are not required to come in for an office visit to receive insurance benefits. This gives you the power to choose virtual visits for minor ailments. 

If you prefer to be seen in person, the beauty of direct primary care is that we are available and eager to have longer visits. You will not be rushed out! If you need an hour-long visit, you’ll get an hour. 

What Level of Care Can I Expect from Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care is able to offer personalized care that goes beyond anything a standard practitioner can accomplish. By providing healthcare without the need to go through insurance companies, DPC doctors and staff aren’t spending excess time filling out paperwork. You, the patient, benefit because they have increased availability, which translates to more time for each patient visit. Ultimately, you receive improved quality of care as your doctor spends the time to truly listen and meet your health care needs. 

After asking, “What is direct primary care?” and making the switch to a primary care doctor, many patients are now finding they are in better health because they have no excuse for delaying a visit to the doctor. They have already paid for as many appointments as they need. There don’t feel guilty pushing for answers to unresolved health questions or bringing up “small” health issues to a busy doctor. You have the freedom to text or call and speak directly with the doctor and not just a receptionist or nurse practitioner. You no longer need to wonder if your internet search revealed the right results; your doctor who knows you can answer instead.  

Direct primary care involves a concierge physician who sees a maximum of 600 patients. Typical primary care physicians have a caseload of 2,000 to 4,000 patients. This means your primary care doctor will know you and care directly for you. 

What is the Cost of Direct Primary Care?

Whenever someone asks, “What is direct primary care?” they also ask about cost. The benefit to this type of arrangement is that you do not need to have insurance to receive quality healthcare! DPC offers you access to a primary doctor for a recurring monthly cost. There is never a copay before your visit or an unexpected bill afterward.

Whether you have chosen to be uninsured because of self-employment or found yourself underinsured, you can receive affordable healthcare. If you are tired of paying high deductibles, then you will welcome the low-cost monthly membership of a DPC practice. 

If the option to carry a catastrophic insurance plan for surgeries and emergencies is possible for you, this would be a good supplement to DPC. 

Ready for Change?

Are you ready to change the way you receive and pay for healthcare? Now is the time to join this movement of doctors and patients who are making health care work for them. Instead of big insurance companies getting your money with high deductibles or high monthly payments, you can spend less and have price transparency. The broken healthcare system in America is being repaired through direct primary care. 
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