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Stay safe this holiday season, from direct primary care doctors in St. Louis

Man who just had an accident in front of the Christmas tree

Stay safe this holiday season: a message from direct primary care doctors in St. Louis

Whether you listen to Christmas music all year round or believe holiday jingles are only appropriate after Thanksgiving—it’s officially the Christmas season!

The holidays are “merry and bright!” They’re also a season of hustle, bustle, and serious health concerns. From unexpected colds to toppled Christmas light ladders, this season can come full of hidden health risks.

That’s why direct primary care doctors are a perfect option for the holiday season. We’re here to help you stay safe, get back to feeling better, and enjoy every moment of your holiday. With direct primary care, you don’t have to wait to make your appointment. Instead, you’ll receive personal care from a physician you know in an efficient, timely manner.

Holiday Health Risks

As direct primary care doctors in St. Louis, we see holiday accidents each and every year. In fact, personal injuries go up all across the country this time of year. Our team has put together a list of common holiday health risks:

Falls (i.e. from icy pavement or hanging Christmas lights)
Alcohol Intoxication
Heart attacks
Cuts (i.e. from light bulbs or knives)
Food poisoning
Sports injuries
Choking hazards
Back pain
Car accidents

These are just some holiday health concerns… there are plenty more to be considered! While we hope you enjoy your holiday festivities, please be cautious and prepared in case the holiday cheer takes a turn for the worse. Signing up for direct primary care is an excellent way to prepare for unexpected holiday mishaps.

What is Direct Primary Care?

A direct primary care (DPC) physician provides personal services, treatment, and benefits in exchange for a fee. Traditional doctors charge by appointment, and patients usually rely on insurance to cover the costs.

Instead, patients in the direct primary care model pay a low-cost subscription, usually monthly, in exchange for 24/7 access to their doctors. Most DPC doctors don’t accept insurance, making this option also available for those who are uninsured or underinsured. Monthly subscription costs average around $100 at most clinics. For a low and predictable fee, direct primary care provides many benefits and services that pay off over the long term.

Direct primary care doctors run smaller clinics and see fewer patients compared to traditional doctors. This means less wait time, less paperwork, and more time to build a personal relationship and pursue effective treatment with the doctor. Link Primary Care provides same-day appointments to St. Louis area residents, and we offer significant discounts on prescriptions and lab work.

There are no differences between a traditional doctor and a DPC doctor. The physicians at Link Primary conduct physical exams, administer diagnostic screenings, take lab tests, and provide urgent care services for minor situations—but they don’t perform major operations.

Four Reasons to Choose Direct Primary Care in St. Louis

  1. A Personal Patient-Doctor Relationship. If you visit a direct primary care doctor, say goodbye to long wait times and mountains of paperwork! The majority of your time spent will be with your doctor. Direct primary care doctors strive for an excellent patient experience, focusing on you and developing a personal relationship with you and your family.
  2. Unlimited Access. A subscription to a direct primary care doctor gives you 24/7 access to their services. Even if you don’t need to schedule an appointment, you can give your doctor a call or send out an email or text. This personal, accessible, and invaluable relationship is unique to direct primary care.
  3. Care for All Ages. In addition to providing primary care for adults, concierge physicians offer services for adolescents of all ages. Having a concierge pediatric doctor is like having a pediatrician in the family! Doctor visits are nerve-wracking for kids, but the consistency and personal attention provided by direct primary care can help ease appointment anxieties. At Link Primary, your child will see the same doctor every visit, ensuring a personal relationship with a healthcare provider that knows you and your family personally. Click here to learn about our child memberships.
  4. The Perfect Holiday Option. There are plenty of accidents, injuries, and illnesses to go around during the holidays. Doctor’s offices and waiting rooms end up jam-packed this time of year. Many doctors take time off from the office, meaning you won’t always see a traditional doctor directly when you need to. Direct primary doctors are different. You’ll get 24/7 access to your doctor without even entering a building. Call whenever you need a consultation. With a small-scale practice and limited patients, you’ll receive the care you need in a fraction of the time.

Looking for a Direct Primary Care Doctor in St. Louis?

Link Primary Care is your go-to clinic for direct primary doctors in St. Louis. We’re focused on simple, personal, and effective care. The holiday season is no different. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation and see how we can help.

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