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Link Primary Care Partners with Five Star Burgers to Offer Exceptional Health Benefits

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St. Louis, MO


Link Primary Care announces partnership with Five Star Burgers to provide exceptional health benefits.

“We are so excited to partner with Five Star Burgers to provide health benefits that employees love to use,” said Jeffrey Davis, MD, the founder of Link Primary Care.

“When working with St. Louis businesses, we know how critical it is to keep the team healthy day in and day out. Direct primary care is a cost-effective way to support their employees with amazing healthcare services.”

Now that Five Star Burgers has become a partner, employees have access to Link Primary Care’s services. Some of the health membership benefits include:

  • Same-day appointments
  • Straightforward billing that doesn’t depend on insurance
  • Comprehensive primary care
  • Discounted prescriptions

About Link Primary Care

Link Primary Care is the leading direct primary care provider in St. Louis. We believe that having a personal doctor who knows you and access when you need it at an affordable price is the most important part of the healthcare system in the USA. Link Primary Care brings affordable, concierge-level healthcare to working families and businesses.

For more information, contact Link Primary Care at [email protected].

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About Five Star Burgers

Five Star Burgers in St. Louis is a restaurant by Steve Gontram, professional chef well-known as the owner and chef of the restaurant Harvest.  Five Star Burgers is committed to serving the best ingredients and providing a personal touch to the traditional burger experience. The burgers are excellent, especially the green-chile cheeseburger, and the establishment is proud to serve the St. Louis area.

For more information, contact Five Star Burgers at

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