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How to Get Discount Prescriptions in St. Louis

Discount prescriptions in St. Louis

How to Get Discount Prescriptions in St. Louis

It comes as no surprise that costs are increasing–including on prescriptions. Did you also know that young adults spend on average $124 a year on prescriptions–while older Americans spend $262? 

Members of Link Primary Care don’t have to pay outrageous prices for prescriptions, because they have another option. Keep reading to learn how members at Link Primary Care get discount prescriptions in St. Louis. 

Save money by getting discounted prescriptions in St. Louis

As people get older they typically begin to take more prescriptions, which also means that they spend more money on their medicines. GU Health Policy Institute reports that “adults pay almost half – 48 percent – of their expenses for prescription drugs out-of-pocket, but persons aged 65 to 79 pay 56 percent, and those aged 80 and older pay 67 percent of their total drug expenditures out-of-pocket.” 

At Link Primary Care we have another option: instead of paying hundreds of dollars each year on prescriptions, our members get discounted medications at wholesale prices – 80% less than retail pricing. 

Get discount prescriptions in St. Louis with Link Primary Care

At Link Primary Care in St. Louis, we want all of our patients to be happy and healthy. We believe that healthcare should fit your life with a personal doctor who knows you and access to medical services on your schedule.

The traditional healthcare model doesn’t serve patients well.  People struggle to get an appointment with their doctor, and then they get a short visit, leaving the office with more questions than answers. People are less likely to address “small” health issues as they pop up because of this hassle, and these seemingly insignificant symptoms may compound into major health issues.

We are here to change healthcare for the better. Direct Primary Care is designed so that patients can schedule appointments when most convenient–plus we provide same-day appointments! If you have a quick question and don’t want to make the trip, you can easily call or message your doctor and receive a speedy response.

Join Link Primary Care for discount prescriptions (and so much more)

Become a member at Link Primary Care for only $99.00 a month! This affordable membership price includes the following:

  • Unlimited doctors visits
  • Primary, wellness, and urgent care
  • On-site discount pharmacy and prescriptions 
  • Acute and Chronic disease management 
  • 24/7 access to your physician, and more! 

Patients are happy and healthy because the benefits of being a member at Link Primary Care go beyond financial (though that is a good reason to join). Being a patient at Link Primary care is great because:

  • You get the best access to your personal physician
  • You have access to the best comprehensive medical care available
  • You create a close personal relationship with your physician
  • You only see caring, thoughtful, and intelligent doctors with great interpersonal skills
  • You can purchase discounted prescriptions 
  • And you get all of this for an affordable price on membership, wholesale pharmacy, discount cosmetic programs, and more!

It’s time to upgrade your healthcare and become a member at Link Primary Care today so you can enjoy healthcare that leaves you feeling happy and healthy every time you walk out of the door. 

Services offered at Link Primary Care

We aren’t like traditional doctors’ offices where you only get to see your primary physician for 10 minutes each visit–and you’re limited to a few visits per year, not to mention having to pay copays and deductibles for every visit.  No one has time or energy for this kind of healthcare, and it doesn’t promote a healthy and happy life. 

We want you to feel welcome to contact your physician anytime, anywhere, so that you get service when you need it. 

Of course, you can expect to have unlimited appointments with your physician, but here are other services you can expect as a patient at Link Primary Care:

  • Complete care for all ages (adults, kids, and college care)
  • Urgent care services
  • Mental health services
  • In-office lab draws
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Annual physicals 

We provide you with care that’s high quality, holistic, and all at an affordable price to keep you happy and healthy. 

Become a Link Primary Care member and get discounted prescriptions in St. Louis

We can’t wait to meet you and set you on a path that makes you excited to visit the doctor–or contact them with full-service telemedicine services.  At Link Primary Care, you get to know your doctor well and you can rest easy that you’re receiving the most excellent form of healthcare from doctors who want the best for you. Plus, you’ll get access to discounted prescriptions that don’t break the bank. Contact us today to schedule your free 15-minute consultation. 

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