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Concierge Pediatricians in St. Louis

Caring for your child... on your schedule.

Our concierge pediatricians make sure children in St. Louis get the care they need. You don’t have to think twice about what to do when sickness or injury strikes. Your pediatrician is only a quick text (or call) away. See what’s included below:

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What is direct primary care?


Concierge Pediatrics at a Much Lower Price

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Unlimited Doctor Visits


You can visit the clinic or securely text/call your child’s concierge pediatrician as often as they need. Same-day appointments available.

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Complete Concierge Care

Whether your child gets sick, injured or needs chronic disease management, our concierge pediatricians are always just an email, call or text away. Primary, Wellness & Urgent Care

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On-site Pharmacy

Save 80% on medications

Save 90% on lab tests

Save 80% on imaging tests

Direct Primary Care for Children

With our Primary Care monthly membership, your child will get fast and easy access to your own concierge pediatrician. Few clinics in St. Louis can provide such on-demand, and comprehensive care. No enrollment fees and instant savings on prescriptions, labs and imaging, make this a revolutionary way to experience healthcare.

Concierge Pediatrics for Newborn to 17 years old

Child Membership

Newborn - 17 years
$ 99
  • Unlimited Doctor Visits
  • Primary, Wellness & Urgent Care
  • On-site Discount Pharmacy
Limited Time


Patient Reviews

5 Star Ratings

They are great. You call, they answer. You need an appointment, you get one. You want to talk to a doctor, they call you or text you. I know this sounds simple, but it is absent in medicine today. I highly recommend.

John D.

5 Star Ratings

Link Primary Care is a great fit for my family. My boys are 14, 9 and 8. Something is always coming up with them. A rash, a cut, depression, constipation, sore throat, etc. I just reach out to Dr. Yalavarthi using an App on my phone. She gets right back to me. Usually, she gets back to me within minutes. I can send her a picture of the wound and then we can talk next steps. Dr. Yalavarthi had gone out of her way several times to meet me as soon as possible to address my concerns. It’s an amazing feeling to know I can reach out to her at any time and she will be there for me. I’ve been out of town and needed her. It was so easy to reach out to her and talk to her rather than go to an urgent care. I just text her my prescription refill request and she calls it right in. I will never go back to traditional medicine practice after experiencing the convenience and genuine care and concern I get from Link Primary Care. It is much more affordable as well. I highly recommend it.

Ann W.

Concierge Care Means Better Care for Your Child

Kids flourish under concierge care for a number reasons, chief among them being the trusted relationship that develops when a doctor truly knows the child and their family. 

Imagine visits that are not rushed, and the doctor isn’t just a healthcare provider but a trusted ally in your child’s growth and well-being. This relationship enables the doctor to understand not just the medical history but the nuances of the child’s environment that could affect their health—like dietary habits, activity levels, and even emotional stressors. Such deep knowledge allows for highly personalized care plans, early detection of potential health issues, and guidance that grows with your child. 

In this supportive environment, kids learn to see healthcare positively, as an ongoing conversation about staying healthy, rather than an uncomfortable place you go when you’re sick. Concierge pediatrics in St. Louis not only nurtures healthier kids but also eases parental anxiety, creating a community-like atmosphere around the child’s healthcare. It’s a holistic approach where the doctor’s familiarity with the child and their family becomes a cornerstone of effective, preventive, and compassionate care.

Raising a Family is Expensive. Direct Primary Care Isn't

A Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership can be a real game-changer for families looking to manage their healthcare expenses without sacrificing the quality of care. Here’s the scoop: by paying a flat, predictable monthly or annual fee, families gain access to a wide range of primary care services. This model cuts out the middleman—insurance companies—meaning there are no copays, deductibles, or unexpected bills for primary care services.

Link Primary Care in St. Louis offers medications, lab tests, and procedures at wholesale or discounted prices, further reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

When families have easy access to their concierge pediatrician, minor health issues can be addressed promptly before they turn into major, more expensive problems.

By simplifying the healthcare process and promoting a closer patient-doctor relationship, DPC can lead to better health outcomes. And when health is managed effectively, it translates into fewer medical expenses down the line. For families, this model can mean significant savings, making healthcare more affordable and less of a financial burden. It’s a win-win: quality care that also keeps the family budget healthy.

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