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Our Direct Primary Care is perfectly suited for all adults no matter your age or pre-existing conditions. Our doctors have a limited number of patients so that you get the care and attention you need. Your practitioner is only a quick text (or call) away. See what’s included below:

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What is direct primary care?


Concierge Medicine at a Much Lower Price

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Unlimited Doctor Visits


You can visit the clinic or securely text/call your doctor as often as you need. Same-day appointments available with our St. Louis concierge doctors

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Complete Concierge Care

Whether you get sick, injured or need chronic disease management while away at college, our concierge doctors are always just an email, call or text away. Primary, Wellness & Urgent Care

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On-site Pharmacy


Save 80% on medications

Save 90% on lab tests

Save 80% on imaging tests

Concierge Direct Primary Care in St. Louis

With our Direct Primary Care monthly membership, you will get fast and easy access to your own concierge doctor. No enrollment fees and instant savings on prescriptions, labs, and imaging, make this a revolutionary way to experience healthcare.

We offer more than typical concierge care at a lower price.

Concierge Adult Care

Age 18+
$ 99
  • Unlimited Doctor Visits
  • Primary, Wellness & Urgent Care
  • On-site Discount Pharmacy
Limited Time


Patient Reviews

5 Star Ratings

My husband and I decided to join Link Primary Care after tiring of years of 5 min visits with our primary care doctors. We wanted to have a different experience with our primary care doctor going into our retirement years. The cost is minimal for a concierge style program and we are able to use our insurance where needed for outside services. Our favorite part, is Link Primary offers a ‘one stop shop’ for a handful of previous appointments. Dr. Erica is attentive and listens to learn. She gives guidance and sound advice on how to improve overall health in a sustainable manner. Link Primary Care is the perfect balance of the modern concierge experience with the personal attention of the family physician from decades past.

Christy C

5 Star Ratings

My family of 4 have been patients with Link since December, 2020 and we love it! The convenience and peace-of-mind you get with an on-call doctor to answer questions is amazing! We’ve also been able to save ourselves 2 ER visits with our little ones when they needed to be seen after regular doctor’s office hours. Would definitely recommend them!

Jayme A.

Concierge Care Means Better Care for You

Concierge medicine really shines when it comes to enhancing patient outcomes, and there’s a simple reason why: personalized attention. Imagine having a doctor who’s not only incredibly familiar with your health history but also available whenever you need them. This model of healthcare, akin to having a medical guardian angel, ensures that patients receive timely and thorough care. By eliminating the rush and reducing patient loads, doctors can dedicate more time to each individual, leading to more accurate diagnoses, tailored treatment plans, and a stronger doctor-patient relationship. 

It’s like healthcare with a personal touch, where the focus is squarely on keeping you at your healthiest. The real benefit of our concierge doctors in St. Louis lies in their ability to transform visits to the doctor from something routine or even dreaded into a genuinely caring, supportive experience, ultimately leading to better health outcomes and a happier, healthier you.

Why a Membership Model?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) uses a membership model for a wonderfully straightforward reason: it aims to simplify healthcare and make it more accessible for everyone involved.

By paying a flat monthly or annual fee, patients get unrestricted access to their concierge physician without the complexities of insurance billing. This model is a breath of fresh air for both doctors and patients. For doctors, it means a more manageable patient load, allowing them to spend more time with each individual, offering personalized care without the administrative headache of insurance claims.

For patients, it translates to better access to healthcare services, including easier appointment scheduling, longer visits, and often, more preventative care. The membership model fosters a stronger, more trusting relationship between patients and their physicians, promoting a holistic approach to health that focuses on long-term wellness rather than just reacting to illnesses. It’s healthcare stripped back to its core: caring for people, not paperwork.

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