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How to Choose Direct Primary Care for Family

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How to Choose the Right Direct Primary Care for Your Family

With Direct Primary Care, you can access high-quality healthcare without breaking the bank. This innovative model is perfect for people looking out for some budget-friendly coverage but still want the best treatment options available. Don’t believe this is possible? It is! Direct primary care avoids red tape and bureaucracy to provide you and your family with great healthcare. However, at times the dilemma lies in choosing the right direct primary care for your family.

How Does Direct Primary Care Work For Your Family?

The direct primary care model provides family physicians with a viable alternative to fee-for-service insurance billing. With DPC, you’ll be charged a transparent monthly, quarterly, or annual fee that covers most primary care services, such as clinical and laboratory services, consultation services, care coordination, and comprehensive care management. Patients pay a single fee to their direct primary care clinic for their standard medical requirements. 

This cost, similar to a health club membership, provides more patients with unlimited access to appointment care and allows families to visit the doctor as much as they want. Many direct primary care practices are available seven days a week and can schedule appointments the same day or the next day. 

Benefits of Enrolling in a Direct Primary Care Plan for Your Family

DPC Helps You Save Money

Direct primary care for your family has several advantages: it saves you money. A monthly fee is paid to the DPC clinic, which covers doctor visits and any other services delivered. This retainer is the same fee every month, regardless of how many times a patient visits their doctor. No surprises! Patients may save a lot of money as a result of this. 

Many direct primary care practices also give their patients the same benefits as insurance-based practices, such as lab work and prescriptions at discounted rates. These savings can soon accumulate, putting extra money in your pocket.

Same-Day Appointments

Patients can often book same-day appointments with direct primary care and get to the bottom of their health concerns before they get any worse. Being a member of a DPC practice can also help individuals who are concerned about paying medical costs or having a flurry of tests performed.

DPC Can Be Offered Through Your Employer

As an alternative healthcare paradigm, DPC often works with self-funded or self-insured employers to offer direct primary care to employees who want to avoid paying for office visits. Employees’ health concerns can be treated more rapidly due to same-day and next-day visits, reducing the number of sick days required and the productivity loss that diseases often entail. 

Questions to ask before choosing a Direct Primary Care provider

How much does it cost per person?

A patient should expect to pay a monthly fee and charges for appointments, labs, and basic procedures. However, prices vary per clinic, and some clinics accept insurance. Memberships for children may be lower. 

What about medications?

You and your doctor work together in direct primary care. Your doctor will coordinate with you to get the most cost-effective medicine for you and your situation. When it comes to your drugs, this is extremely important, and some clinics can provide medications at a steep discount.

What about specialists?

At Link Primary Care, we ensure a physician has fewer patients so that each patient is given the attention and quality care they need. However, we will refer patients to specialists for more complex concerns. In some instances, direct primary care clinics have arrangements with hospitals to manage these exact situations. 

Generally, Direct Primary Care focuses on preventative care, which means you’ll need fewer visits to health specialists. The same goes for all members of your family.

Why should you consider direct primary care?

DPC physicians are not paid per appointment. This allows them to spend time with each patient individually. We have the best family physicians to support our patients at Link primary care. Listening and tailored care are crucial for an accurate diagnosis and a proper treatment strategy. Finally, a DCP physician can provide a patient with exceptional treatment while saving them time and money.

What’s the best way to get started?

You can sign up in various methods, but the easiest is to go to Link Primary Care. We have more information regarding packages and pricing here and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our services and memberships. We have provided an online contact form on Link Primary Care’s website for your convenience.

How does Direct Primary Care compare to other types of pediatric care plans?

The DPC model is designed to stress and prioritize the intrinsic strength of a patient’s connection with their family’s personal physician in improving health outcomes and lowering total healthcare costs. Because insurance reimbursement constraints do not restrict physicians who practice medicine, the DPC contract price structure enables them to devote time to their patients, both in face-to-face appointments and via telephonic or electronic communications channels if they so choose.

Kids especially can have trouble explaining their aches and pains to doctors. It’s best to have appointments that aren’t rushed so that your child can describe any possible symptoms.

Direct Primary Care and Pediatric Care

Having a “family doctor” used to be common. But these days, you’ll have to wait many weeks to visit your doctor, and you only get a few minutes with your doctor one-on-one. 

With a DPC membership, families can once again have the same doctor for both parents and children. This brings a new level of ease to families’ lives by allowing them to avoid running from one doctor’s office to another when many family members require visits. This is a significant benefit for families, particularly those with young children who get tired of going multiple places a day. 

Our doctors at Link Primary Care spend considerable time getting to know their patients and know them inside and out. They’re entirely dedicated to giving the best care for each family member, putting parents’ minds at ease.

Link Primary Care.

Link Primary Care is a team of dedicated professionals who work together to improve our patients’ lives by providing them with personalized care from an experienced physician. We take time for meaningful relationships and exceptional service so we can help you live your healthiest, happiest life possible! 

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