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Galleri Blood Test

Galleri Blood Test and Cancer Screening in St. Louis

Link Direct Primary Care is one of a select group of practices in St. Louis to offer the Galleri Blood Test. This blood test screens for over 50+ types of cancer and identifies cancer much earlier than other screenings. We recommend this test to all patients who are in need of screening. Why? The benefits are clear.

Cancer is often most treatable when caught early. The Galleri test identifies potential cancer at an early stage, enabling earlier intervention and treatment.

The Galleri test is designed to detect multiple types of cancer simultaneously. It looks for signals from over 50 different types of cancers, including common ones like breast, lung, colorectal, and prostate cancer.

Unlike traditional cancer screening methods like biopsies or imaging scans, the Galleri test only requires a simple blood draw. It is a convenient and non-invasive procedure that can be done during a routine visit to our office.

Link Primary is committed to providing cutting-edge, evidence-based medical services. If you are a current member interested in this test or new to our practice and looking for cancer screening in St. Louis, then reach out to our team today.

What is the Galleri Blood Test?

The Galleri blood test is a promising tool for early cancer detection. It analyzes the DNA in your blood to identify genetic mutations and other changes that could indicate the presence of certain types of cancer, even before symptoms manifest.

How Does the Test Work?

When cells, including cancer cells, finish their life cycle and die, they release fragments of DNA into the bloodstream. These fragments, called cell-free DNA, can be detected in a blood sample using the Galleri test. This test distinguishes between DNA originating from healthy cells and DNA originating from cancer cells. The DNA derived from cancer cells possesses unique methylation patterns that serve as a signal for cancer. Methylation is a natural process that alters DNA activity and provides insights into the tissue or organ related to the cancer signal.

Galleri Blood Test Results Unpacked by the Link Primary Team

Receiving cancer screening results can be a stressful event. But no matter your results, the Link Primary team is here to unpack the data and clearly explain the next steps. 

After taking the Galleri Blood Test, you can expect to receive your test result in approximately two weeks. The results will fall into two categories:

1. No Cancer Signal Detected

2. Cancer Signal Detected

Galleri specifically searches for a cancer signal that is common among over 50 types of cancer. However, the test result will not provide an exhaustive list of all 50+ cancer types along with individual outcomes for each.

In the event that Galleri identifies a cancer signal, your result will indicate one or two Cancer Signal Origins. These origins serve as predictions for the specific tissue type or organ associated with the detected cancer signal. Your results might require additional testing or preventive care in order to lower the risk of cancer spreading.

The Galleri Blood Test: An Excellent Complement to Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care (DPC) and cancer screening go hand in hand to provide effective healthcare. Rather than waiting for issues to arise, concierge practices like Link Primary take a proactive approach. Dr. Jeffery can tailor cancer screening recommendations based on individual patient factors. He also takes the time to educate patients about the importance of screenings and engage in shared decision-making regarding the most appropriate tests. 

In the event of a positive cancer result, DPC practices facilitate seamless coordination of care, ensuring patients receive timely follow-up and necessary support. This patient-centered approach, combined with ongoing guidance and comprehensive care, contributes to improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction in the realm of cancer screening and prevention.

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